Research Paper or Thesis… Decisions…

Today was filled with excitement, some confusion, a heated debate, and a much needed walk to the ocean.

This morning we spent a good amount of time talking about research papers, thesis work and theological frameworks. It was incredibly informative and allowed me to start thinking about how I want to go about completing this program. I have so many ideas that I want to look into with regards to childrens’ learning and technology integration and I am not sure if that will lead me down the road of a thesis or a research paper. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I am thrilled to be given this information early on so I can take time in this process to look at my options, do research, narrow my ideas down, and determine if what I want to do will fit into a thesis stream or a paper.

In the afternoon I completed an unexpectedly intense (although it was silly of me to not have just assumed it would be intense haha) group debate assignment with some, yet again, incredible colleagues of mine (p.s my MALAT crew is AMAZING). We had to research our topic and debate a pro stance for why “connectivism should be adopted as the learning theory for educating students in our digital culture” (LRNT 501 Debate Topic). What a cool experience and an interesting way to go about doing research. I have never been in a debate that was quite so formal and it was so much fun, stressful, but also VERY informative and exciting.

After this, it was crucial to TAKE A BREAK! A few of us headed to the beach for some much needed relaxation. The smell of the ocean and the sand in my toes was exactly the way I needed to end this day.




2 thoughts on “Research Paper or Thesis… Decisions…

  1. The route to choosing a thesis versus a research paper is a bit muddy, particularly without honing in on a particular question that we would like to answer. I wonder what comes first, the question or method? I wonder if some topics are best researched through primary versus secondary research, or a combination of both. One consideration for you, I would presume, is the seemingly daunting task of going through the ethics processes required in order to conduct primary research on children.


  2. ABSOLUTELY!!! This seems like it could be a potential road block for what I want to look into, but I am definitely going to look into it and if I find a topic I am passionate about, and it requires this, I WILL DO IT!!! hahaha


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