First Team Project Experience


There really isn’t a better word to describe my first group project experience in my Masters of Arts in Learning and Technology program with Royal Roads University! If I could describe it in one word, it would definitely be FANTASTIC!

The dynamic of personalities and skills that each member of my group brought to the table was incredible. We started out with great communication and we all worked well together towards the same end goal, meeting regularly to connect and committing to making deadlines ON TIME. I specifically enjoyed that we acknowledged every idea each team member had, weaning out those that were less desirable in a professional manner that allowed us all to feel heard.

Half way through our group project experience, we attended a team building session. Each member of the team completed Tony Alessandra’s Communication Style Inventory, determining our communication styles (the one that was most prominent in our personalities). Once determined, it was interesting to see that we had two controller/directors and two promoter/socializers. We were so well balanced and it worked in our favour.

Throughout the experience we were able to focus on our work, keeping our desired outcome in mind, while still making time for laughs and enjoyment as a team.

Through this process I also learned a new term that I thought was interesting for future research: digital immigrant. This information was provided by a teammate and we further uncovered its meaning in Timothy VanSlyke’s (2003) work: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants: Some Thoughts from the Generation Gap. Definitely worth further investigating for me!

Until next time!

~ Kim


VanSlyke, T. (2003). Digital natives, digital immigrants: Some thoughts from the generation gap. The Technology Source Archives at the University of North Carolina. Retrieved from


One thought on “First Team Project Experience

  1. The team experience for the research project was amazing. Your presentation was excellent, particularly the buildup to the introduction. I have often thought about those people who are being forced to embrace digitization of,…well, everything! However, digital immigrant is a new term for me as well. I think it is fascinating that there is an entire sector of society that would fit into this category. The parking meter was an excellent representation of the research topic and really highlight how this seemingly simple task is made difficult by not only technology, but also by a lack of standardization. In fact, today in Victoria, Martha was helping me figure out how to add money to my parking pass, as I kept removing my credit card too quickly.

    I hope that I have the opportunity to work through a group project with you and others that were on your team.


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